Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women's North Face Clothing, Styles for Fall 2008

Significant Changes In Women's North Face Clothing

The North Face Women's Vixen Jacket (Fall 2008)
North Face is one of the best women's clothing makers. North Face has long made high quality equipment and clothing for the outdoor enthusiast. Their products can be relied upon under the most severe conditions. For years now they have selected attractive colors and fabrics for their cloths.

Comfort and durability along with ease of care in a stylish product. North Face women's clothing line is no different. In fact there is a greater choice of color and style than is often found in the men's line. There is a diverse choice in products as well.

On North Face clothing and equipment you will find durable zippers and fabrics.
Each part of the garment is sewn with high quality standards, so you will find reinforced stitching, and high quality mesh for ventilation.

It is easy to find jackets, vests, hats, pants, mitts, and boots that easily match. North Face supplies clothing for all 4 seasons. They have parkas for cold climates and tank tops for the summer, it is a very diversified women's clothing line.

2007 saw many articles of women's clothing made with one tone of color. Often in a pastel shade. You would find a whole jacket in one tone or possibly the inner liner and outer jacket would be slightly different tones of the same color. You could find pants to match the same color or contrast with a different color.

In the fall of 2008 women's North Face clothing is much more interesting. North Face has very different tones of color on the same piece of clothing. Jackets may have two contrasting shades of color. This is done on the seamed in sections. So a yoke of a jacket will be different from the side panels.

There are more darker colors to choose from. Burgundies and deep purples make up some of the color choices this year. There are a few pastel colors to choose from as well.

You will find that many of the accessories such as hats and mitts can still be found in the pastel colors. This of course means you can easily contrast the bold colors with the pastels to create your own signature style.

I find the cut and the shape to be clean and attractive. North Face's whole line has been redone for 2008.

Each year styles change and evolve. This is part of what makes clothing interesting. North Face has always been at the forefront of women's clothing styles. They combine comfort with the practical use of the clothing and always offer a stylish edge to their products.

The 2008 fall North Face women's collection of clothing has added some nice stylistic touches that set it apart from its competitors. It is always worth comparing styles and cuts to find what looks the best for you.

To see more of the North Face clothing for women just click on North Face at Moosejaw.com!

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